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Guardianship: Help when you need it

In most cases, when a person becomes incapacitated due to illness, disability or other challenging circumstance, a close friend or family member is able to step in and help that person manage their personal affairs. In some cases, however, the person may not have anyone willing to fill this role and will require the services of a Corporate Guardian. To meet this need, Visions Case Management works in conjunction with the New Mexico DDPC Office of Guardianship to provide plenary (full) or limited Corporate Guardianship services designed to make important financial and/or medical decisions on behalf of legally incapacitated individuals. Such decisions shall promote and protect the individual’s well being, maximize independence, and be as non-restrictive as possible. Our Corporate Guardians are certified by the Center for Guardianship Certification and receive initial and ongoing trainings by the National Guardianship Association. For more information, contact Visions Case Management or the New Mexico Office of Guardianship.

Court Visitor: Assessing Needs with Care

The Court Visitor role is an instrumental piece in the Guardianship process. Court Visitors are appointed by the Courts and are responsible for information gathering in many aspects: visiting the person, interviewing interested parties, reviewing medical and financial records, visiting present and potential placements. The Court Visitor must collaborate with attorneys and other key members of the team when formulating recommendations for the Court. Our Court Visitors are thorough in their work and create individualized reports that incorporate health and safety recommendations. Evidence-based, these reports recommend the best possible course of action for each person’s well-being while maximizing their independence. Visions receives Court Visitor assignments through the New Mexico DDPC’s Office of Guardianship and from private pay clients. For more information on these services, please contact us.

Guardianship and Court Visitor Rates

Visions’ Guardianship rate is $385 per month for up to 5 hours of work.

  • This includes one face-to-face visit each month.
  • Beyond that, services will be billed at $65 per hour.

Court Visitor services are billed at a flat rate of $385 per case, which includes:

  • Interviewing the allegedly incapacitated person
  • Interviewing the proposed guardian and other relevant parties
  • Filing the Court Visitor Report according to deadline
  • Attending the court hearing

For both Guardianship and Court Visitor services, trips greater than 60 miles one way will be invoiced at the IRS rate for mileage reimbursement for the current year.

For more information on private pay work, please contact

Useful websites with more information:

Application for Guardianship Services, Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC), Office of Guardianship

National Guardianship Association

Guardianship for Young Adults - Overview and Tips

Anika Carrasco Trujillo
Program Manager

I started at visions in 2013, prior to that I worked as a Behavior Support Consultant since 2004 in the DD Waiver field. I received my Master's degree in Social Work from Arizona State University with a focus on Child Welfare. My undergraduate degree was received from the University of Denver with a concentration on Criminology and Sociology. I also obtained LISW from the State of New Mexico. I was born and raised in Northern New Mexico, and am currently living in Santa Fe. I love to be outdoors hiking, camping, gardening or exploring with the kids. I also love to read novels or poetry. I also spend time volunteering with the Santa Fe Public Schools, the City of Santa Fe, and am active in San Isidro Parish in Santa Fe. My passion in life is to meet new people and learn their life stories, everyone has something to teach others.