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Guardianship: Help when you need it

In most cases, when a person becomes incapacitated due to illness, disability or other challenging circumstance, a close friend or family member is able to step in and help that person manage their personal affairs. In some cases, however, the person may not have anyone willing to fill this role and will require the services of a Corporate Guardian. To meet this need, Visions Case Management works in conjunction with the New Mexico DDPC Office of Guardianship to provide plenary (full) or limited Corporate Guardianship services designed to make important financial and/or medical decisions on behalf of legally incapacitated individuals. Such decisions shall promote and protect the individual’s well being, maximize independence, and be as non-restrictive as possible. Our Corporate Guardians are certified by the Center for Guardianship Certification and receive initial and ongoing trainings by the National Guardianship Association. For more information, contact Visions Case Management or the New Mexico Office of Guardianship.

Useful websites with more information:

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